D H Twitchen


    Catering Crackers
    11" Foil Crackers Tom Smith 11" Quality Crackers. Each cracker contains novelty  8.95
    hat and motto.  Red, Gold and Green Crackers x 50. Pictured
    11" Foil Crackers Tom Smith 11" Quality Crackers. As above but with superior   12.90
    novelty. Gold Crackers x 50.    Pictured
    12.5" Luxury Tom Smith 12.5" Best Quality Catering Crackers.  Good quality  33.00
    Crackers contents for premium occasions x 50.   Pictured
    Party Hats
    Adult Hats Standard Adult size Party Hats x 144.  12 Designs. Card and Foil 34.50
    Monarch Superior Adult Hats.  11 Designs. Card and Foil. Pictured 59.00
    Hats Royal   Best Quality Hats. All Foil card hats.  Best of our range Box of 50 31.50
    Party Poppers
    Half Case 60 Boxes of 12 Party Poppers, 720 Poppers. Excellent Price  27.00
    Full Case 120 Boxes of 12 Party Poppers, 1440 Poppers. Pictured       54.00
    Other Party Products
    Blowouts Extends to14" with hooter. 144,  Assorted Colours                16.50
    Trumpets Foil Card Trumpet x 144                                                        24.50
    Rocket Balloons Fun balloons which squeal when released. Bags 50    5.00
    Santa Outfit Quality wrap around adult Santa outfit with good beard       59.00
    with Beard
    Napkins Swantex 2 Ply 33cm Napkin. Holly design, red and green on  34.50
    2 Ply 33cm white background. 2000 per case  Pictured
    Napkins 3ply 40cm As above in 3ply. Boxes of 1000     39.50    
    Table Covers Swantex 120cm x 120cm table cover in above design.  77.50


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