D H Twitchen



Reindeer and Sleigh Beautiful plush Animated Reindeer and Sleigh    N/A                           Mains operated, light works and both Santa and reindeer move.  Musical. Red and Green.

Giant Life size 1.5m Giant Santa.  Mains operated. Red and Black outfit   139.00

Animated Santa with green base.  Musical. 1m. £95.00      

Snowman 1m Pop up Snowman.  Motion activated when people pass etc. 95.00                    Mains operated.      Pictured

Train Animated Train Display. Wheels go around.  24" long.     N/A                                     Smoke appears to come from chimney.

Fibre Optic Tree Large, 1.5m animated fibre optic tree. Suitable for indoor use.  Mains operated.   39.00


Snowman 90cm x 80cm Snowman with hat. Moving action appears to take off  hat. 35.00

Snowflake Blue and White snowflake with action.  63cm x 50cm   28.00

Santa Train Santa Train. 1.9m long x 66cm     60.00

Rope Lights Multi Colour Rope Lights x 16m with functions.    29.00


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